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2015 January

General News Update: 1st-4th Jan 2015

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Staking fix

Good news! We have identified the specific source of the bug that led to a lower-than-expected interest rate, and so we are preparing for a hard fork to fix it.

It seems few people want the interest rate to be 15%, so we’ll be ‘fixing’ it to a lower amount. Have your say on what you think the interest rate should be by voting here if you can: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=715699.0, or by just replying to this post. Also let us know if there’s anything else about the staking you think should be changed.


Paper wallets

As previously mentioned, a paper wallet generator is available here: https://www.piggy-coin.com/PiggyPaperWallet/

It’s useful for gifting or storing PiggyCoins. Notice that there are two PiggyCoin designs available.

It takes a long time to import private keys with the ‘newpiggycoin v1.0.0.0’ wallet, so you might want to upgrade to a newer wallet in that case.


Android wallet

The external dev who did the web wallet is the same one who will do the Android wallet. He’s been busy with paid work though, but will get round to doing our Android wallet pro-bono eventually.

There should be no changes required to the web or Android wallets for the hard fork, as these are not staking wallets.


Piggy power

LitePaid.com, a cryptocurrency payment processor, has indicated to us that they are open to the possibility of accepting PiggyCoin. This would allow online shops to accept PiggyCoin using an automated system. Please Tweet at them to let them know you want this! https://twitter.com/litepaid

We already have a retailer lined up who will accept PiggyCoins if we get on LitePaid!


Still seeking workers

It seems likely that the price will be higher following a successful hard fork (and there’s no real reason it wouldn’t be successful). We have a professional dev already, neurocis, but he would like to be more devoted to his EasySend-on-the-Blockchain project.

The price is still low, so we think this would still be a great time for another dev to buy in, to have skin in the game to make it worth his while to work on the project. Core devvery would be great — We’d like to have a Gitian compilation system — or someone who would make a Reddit tipbot. But really, any help would be good.


The PiggyCoin Foundation

The price is still too low to be worth converting the PiggyCoins to Bitcoins right now. They will eventually be converted and donated to 88bikes.



The PiggyFacts faucet has run low on PiggyCoins. If you would like to donate, there’s information on how to do here: http://piggyfacts.com/donate.php



All 1% (5 million PiggyCoins) of the pre-mine is still available, and in the possession of the PiggyTeam. We’re hesitant to use it on anything at the moment as the price is so low.

Happy New Year,
The PiggyTeam

Online PiggyBank is back!

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Piggy New Year all!  ヾ( ̄(●●) ̄)ノ  Did you notice that the online web wallet has returned?


If you previously held an Online PiggyBank account balance, you should have received an e-mail giving you information on a special way to log in to restore your previous balance.  (Check your Spam folder.)  If not, please contact piggycointeam(at)gmail(dot)com to ask us to re-send that e-mail.

Expect more from the PiggyTeam soon!