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2016 September

An easy way to use IRC

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Just a reminder: We do have an IRC (chat) channel, #piggy, which we gather on quite regularly. If you don’t like “traditional” IRC (and I don’t) you can connect via a bridge like matrix/vector chat at this link:


One benefit of this “bridge” method is you can lurk in the channel from multiple devices, there’s web and mobile clients, and history is searchable.


— neurocis, Lead Developer of PiggyCoin

Delisted from Poloniex! But added to CoinExchange!

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We’ve been delisted from Poloniex :8[ Please withdraw your coins from there at your earliest convenience.

We are still listed on Cryptopia.co.nz, and we’ve recently been added to a new exchange, CoinExchange.io :8] However, please do not use an exchange as your main PiggyBank — If you have a significant amount of coins, withdraw them to a Desktop PiggyBank (wallet) and be sure to make a backup of your wallet.dat file!