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2017 April

News Update – April 2017

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PIGGY is now traded against POSW at poswallet.com!

(POSW is a coin made to support PoSWallet.com.)

Unfortunately the NovaExchange.com PIGGY basemarkets (where you could buy many altcoins using your PIGGY) are closing due to low volume! Please close any open orders you have on the PIGGY basemarkets there in case it doesn’t happen automatically. Note that you can still buy and sell PIGGY using Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.

Coinomi mobile wallet addition

We just need two servers to make this happen. 4 GB RAM each would probably be enough. Mo is contributing 6 EUR/month for a Scaleway VPS and neurocis is looking into having the other one on his property. Please contact neurocis if you want to contribute towards a second Scaleway VPS as that might be quicker to set up.

Call for PiggyCoin educational materials

We recently got an e-mail from a homeschooling group asking for cryptocurrency educational resources. Aside from Mo’s crossword, there aren’t really any educational materials out there for PIGGY. Doesn’t anyone want to make some? There is money to pay bounties…