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IRC tipbot switchover

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drew has made a new IRC tipbot for PiggyCoin, but he can’t migrate balances to the new tipbot automatically. If you have a balance there you’ll have to do it manually, like this:

to first check whether you have PIGGY in the old tipbot and that it’s what you expect.


will give you an address to deposit to the new tipbot.

!withdraw pTheaddressyoujustgot

will send your PIGGY from the old tipbot to the new one :8]

Commands to the old tipbot begin with a !

Commands to the new tipbot begin with a .

coinwallet.co online wallet and Twitter tipbot

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We now have a very nice staking online wallet/bank and Twitter tipbot from coinwallet.co! Here it is: https://www.coinwallet.co/en/currency/PIGGY

They also have a function where you can pay to e-mail addresses!

As coinwallet.co themselves tell users, please don’t keep all your PIGGY there if you have a lot. — Store the majority of your coins in your own Paper or Desktop PiggyBank, where you have direct control over the private keys.

New IRC tipbot

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The user ‘drew’ has made a PIGGY tipbot for our IRC channel! Thanks drew ^(oo)^

You’ll need to register your nickname to keep your tips — Use the command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER a-good-password your@e-mailaddy.com

Be sure to pick a good password, and use a real e-mail address. You’ll have to click a link in an e-mail that NickServ sends you to confirm your e-mail address.

Example tipbot commands:


(Use this to get an address to which you would deposit)

!withdraw pYourOwnPIGGYAddress

!tip username 10

!rain 100
(‘Rains’ 100 of your PIGGY on the entire channel)

Have fun!

New Desktop PiggyBank released. Compulsory upgrade.

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Desktop Piggybank v1.2.3.0 ‘Operation DERsig-fix’ released!

https://www.piggy-coin.com/getting-started/ <- Get it here.

It's a compulsory update for all users. There are some important bug fixes. The way that stakes combine has also changed to make it easier for big stakers to stake without their piggybanks freezing. See https://github.com/piggycoin/newpiggycoin/releases/tag/v1.2.3.0 for more info on changes.

Donation made to 88bikes

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The amount raised by the PiggyCoin Foundation for the charity 88bikes has finally been donated to them! Thanks to PIGGY fan Solita in the US for helping out in getting to them. (It’s a US-headquartered charity.) And thanks of course to everyone who donated ;8]

It was 1,500,000 PIGGY that was raised. This was sold on Poloniex at 16 satoshis per PIGGY, netting a little over 0.24 BTC. This was recently converted to about 65 US dollars, and then Solita added a bit to take it up to 70 USD. :8]

Facebook dialogue

Desktop PiggyBank v1.2.2.1 ‘Hey Mac-arena’ released

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Desktop PiggyBank v1.2.2.1 Codename ‘Hey Mac-arena’ has been released. (Or rather, it was released about a week ago; sorry for being slow to post the news.)

The main change is user-interface fixes for MacOS. Also there are some minor technical updates such as a new checkpoint.

You can find the new PiggyBanks here.

v1.2.2.0 ‘Operation Sever-Chain’ users — upgrading is entirely optional.
v1.2.1.1 ‘Maintenance Release’ users — upgrading is recommended but not compulsory.
v1.2.0.0 Original ‘PiggyStakes’ and lower — upgrading is compulsory.