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Official Statements

Foundation’s first project is finished!

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce you all to the latest news: the Piggycoin Foundation‘s first project is finished and we will be sending bikes to kids in Africa and Asia!

 This piece of news is great for the kids, and will also be great for the PiggyCoin community, because it will generate a lot of attention (as it did for DOGE, back in the day).  Crypto philanthropy attracts interest not only from crypto fanatics but also from the “outside world” that loves to write about stories like this.

The selling of the foundation coins will be a very slow process, so the markets won’t be too affected by it!  The next project is already in the works and we have some ideas for it.  We are always open to suggestions though.

Stay tuned for more #piggyweek innovations, 10-13 July at 8pm GMT.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team

Project Piggycoin Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce you all to our latest crypto innovation, Project Piggycoin.

“Project Piggycoin” is a project started and maintained by the Piggycoin Team. The main goal of this project is to face the biggest problem of the altcoin era, the dependency that coins have on their devs and how that dependency ends up killing them somehow.

At Piggycoin the development team is working as hard as we can to bring new updates and to keep the community happy but in the end this coin shouldn’t be from the developers to the community, it should be from the community to the community, we are working together with one goal in common and “Project Piggycoin” wants to facilitate that.
This is where you, as a community member, enter the equation! Do you have an idea, a project you would like develop? Share it with us!

If the community likes your project you will be rewarded for it and the Piggycoin Team will personally help you with the development. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to enter the cryptoworld in a fun and exciting way, who knows if this isn’t the first of many projects, a door that will lead you to crypto success!


Stay tuned for more #piggyweek innovations, 10-13 July at 8pm GMT.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team

EasySend Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce you all to our latest crypto innovation, EasySend.

EasySend is an easy way to find out and share your friends’ addresses.  One of the main problems that cryptocurrency real-world adoption faces is how big and clumsy crypto addresses are.   Your PiggyCoin address is something like “pqC4gz4s6rRvNcnrRnjbjYhUFuWHVzWQE8″— not that easy to share with your friends and impossible to memorize.

EasySend fights this problem by creating a giant database that associates your nickname with your address, for all the world to see.  Go ahead and try it out: add your address to the database.

Now you can share your nickname with your friends and they will have immediate access to your address as well!  The possibilities are endless.  EasySend will be eventually integrated with wallets, making big, clumsy PiggyCoin addresses a thing of the past.

And there’s more.  We decided to let nicknames be associated to non-piggycoin addresses too, because we understand that innovation must be shared to advance the crypto community as a whole.

Stay tuned for more #piggyweek innovations, 10-13 July at 8pm GMT.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team

Meet the New Piggycoin

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You can now download the new Piggybank.

In short: Piggycoin is going PoS with multipool at launch, cutting the supply by 1/4 and adding x11 to the rest of the PoW. You will need to exchange your old coins.


Hey piggycoin community! First of all I wanna thank you all for staying on our side for this 3 months, it’s been a crazy ride!
Big changes are coming our way and the dev team wants everybody on the same boat so we will explain what’s gonna happen, why it’s happen and when it’s gonna happen!

The first big change is PoS, for those not familiar with it, proof of stake is another way of security our piggy network, this means “mining” as we know it won’t exist anymore and guess what? With PoS you will be able to win piggycoins just by leaving your Piggybank open! We won’t enter in many details on how this works because we don’t wanna occupy the whole page but if you want details of how much you’re gonna win we can give you the number: 15% of what you have for each year you leave it in your Piggybank!
And what if I want to keep using my computer to mine Piggycoins? This is not a problem, you will be able to do so with a slightly different method, as announced before Piggycoin will have a multipool, this is a place where you mine other coins and they are automatically sold for piggycoin.

Important: to become PoS in a secure way the piggycoin team decided to change blockchain. This means you will need to change your old piggycoins for the new ones, but don’t worry we are working to make this a really simple process.

The second big change coming is a reduction to the number of maximum coins piggy will have, in the beginning we aimed to have 2.1 billion coins and with this update only 500 millions coins will ever exist. This means the coins you have are 4 times rarer! Isn’t that great?


For better understanding of this messy plan we built a timeline (click to enlarge):

Piggycoin entering in schools – Official Announcement

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So, this week has been pretty big for us here at Piggycoin – we’ve released a web wallet and an android wallet, we’ve partnered with the guys over at 88Bikes Charity to help raise money to buy bicycles for the underprivileged in third-world areas – and we’ve almost completed our goal within two days of the Piggycoin Foundation being announce! – and we’ve also released an updated version of the Hot Piggy game, opened a store for all of you to spend your piggies in, and even set up a direct USD to PIG facility.

Here at Piggycoin, we don’t like to leave anybody out, which is why we also announced our partnership with CoinKing to create a multipool for the Piggy mining community. (*spoiler alert* this isn’t the only technical advancement coming for Piggycoin!)

However, we know you’ve all been waiting for today’s announcement. We realise that even with the mass of announcements we’ve already revealed, these things have become regularities in cryptocurrency – many coins have android wallets, and multipools have almost become a necessity for the newer coins to get attention. But what really matters to us, and hopefully to all of you cryptolovers too, is the adoption of our cryptocurrencies in the real world…

And so, we are extremely proud to announce that Piggycoin will be going that extra mile for cryptocurrency around the world. As a coin, our aim has always been to educate people, mainly children, in the world of crypto, as we believe that if we cannot get kids interested in our developing world, then crypto will ultimately fail in the real world.

For this reason, we are excited and honoured to reveal that Piggycoin has established links with various schools and teachers to work on, and ultimately adopt, our project. Piggycoin will be alive and kicking in the classrooms of kids of all ages, and the little pigs of Piggyville will be there to teach and guide children not only in cryptocurrency, but also economics, maths and communication skills. ‘How will this be achieved?’ I hear you ask. Well, firstly a beta interactive game is in the works to be included in lessons within the schools, to help structure the teachers’ lesson plans. We have an active team working on this project. We are also looking to then build a series of these interactive games, possibly using the beta class to help develop the Piggy Episodes for the younger children. Our aim is to then have this series of educational games implemented in schools for all ages of students, and eventually extending to schools globally! How does this relate to the coin? I’m glad you asked, the teachers will use these Piggy-related lesson plans to teach their students, rewarding them with Piggycoins as the interactive storylines progress. Students will be taught the fundamentals of cryptocurrency in these games, whilst also learning the fundamentals of regular school subjects.

There is a lot more to come from us, you can count on that – and hey, we invite you extend your hand in this project and help us to help the world take an active interest in cryptocurrency. Thank you to all who have believe in us, and a special thank you to the teachers who have reached out to us with open arms with regards to our Piggy project!

Further details will be revealed soon!

HotPiggy 2.0, PiggyShop & VoucherShop Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets not one…. not two…. but THREE Brand new PiggyCoin Announcements – PiggCoin Vouchers, PiggyCoin Online Store and The massively addictive game HotPiggy by PiggyCoin.

The PiggyCoin Development team have been working tirelessly to allow parents and kids alike to procure their PIG digital currency for use on their Digital ePiggybanks [Android and Web]. Exchanges come with high risk and we want to protect our little Piglets and their parents from this risk. With the introduction of a Voucher system, parents can now buy PIG using traditional purchasing methods like Paypal. The PiggyCoin team won’t wait for markets to react to the PIG target price of 1 PIG = 1cent [0.0002272 BTC as of May 8th], and will continue to strive to achieve this through its voucher system. So get your vouchers today at https://www.piggy-coin.com/vouchershop/ and bring your friends and family into the Digital Cryptocurrency era safely and secure using PiggyCoin.

Want some PiggyCoin Swag? Checkout our online PiggyCoin StoreT-Shirts, Mugs…. WOW – PiggyCoin Monopoly?! 

Lastly for today, we have our very addictive game 2.0 – HotPiggy
Android version also available here

Piggy went for a jog and he needs your help, run as far as you can and catch commits to upgrade your Piggy:
-Buy Piggy-clones to keep Piggy running when you die.
-Buy extra jumps to jump one more time if you fall!
-Earn even more commits by upgrading your magnet.
Try to beat the daily score or even the all time score! If you get really good you can win PiggyCoins playing the web version here: https://www.piggy-coin.com/games/

Don’t forget we’ll be doing this all again tomorrow at the same time for another PiggyWeek Announcement – What will it be? Oink OINK OINK!!

PiggyCoin Dev Team

Android Piggybank & Multipool Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets, our Brand Android Piggybank! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piggycoin.piggybank

During PiggyWeek we announced on Monday May 5th our online e-PiggyBank – but we’re not stopping there, we’re making sure that you can access your PIG anywhere and everywhere, so we’ve built an e-PiggyBank for your smartphone.

So get to it, launch your mobile PiggyBank today!

But wait! We’re not stopping there. In todays PiggyWeek Announcement, we’re going to let all our Piglets know that The PiggyCoin Development team has joined up with CoinKing.io to act as PiggyCoin’s very first MULTIPOOL

That’s right – you can mine coins at CoinKing.io and convert back into PIG. With their proprietary advanced algorithm for profitability rotation system in place, you can use your mining rigs to best accumulate PIG.

PiggyCoin Foundation Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets, our Brand Piggy New – PiggyCoin Foundation.

What is the PiggyCoin Foundation I hear you say?
Well PiggyCoin was born out of the ideology of teaching the next generation how to manage financials and to introduce them to CrytoCurrencies as a whole – This also gave us the opportunity to teach the practice of giving and caring – To donate to Charity is a part of life we all take part in. Our little Piggies should learn this too.

The PiggyCoin Foundation starts to bridge the gap between the Digital World and the Real World. It’s time we integrated our Cryptocurrency movement more deeply into the public domain, what better way to do this than to help charities bettering the world we live in. Join us little Piglets!

PiggyCoin has teamed up with 88 Bikes, to try and give something back to those in need.

88Bikes provides bikes to the more unfortunate in Southeast Asia and other third world areas to help them travel. These youngesters have suffered from all kind of things we do not experience, like painful trips just to get to contaminated water.
As this is the first Donation the PiggyCoin Foundation site is running, the Development team has decided to donate half of the coins (1M)! Thats right. PiggyCoin will donate half of the coins we need to reach our goal of helping 88Bikes – So donate today – your help is well received.

As with all Foundations, PiggyCoin Foundation has been built to be compliant and transparent. We will make clear on all of our documentation and pages the progress of your PiggyCoin donations as they make their way to the target charity or cause.

The PiggyCoin Dev Team

e-Piggybank Official Announcement

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The PiggyCoin Dev team would love to introduce to all you little piglets, our Brand Piggy New – e-PiggyBank – to store and keep safe of all your PIGs.
That’s right, for the first time in history, the PiggyCoin team have reinvented the traditional Piggy Bank – we didn’t just make it digital [Thanks BTC-QT] – We made it ONLINE! OINK!

With your new e-PiggyBank, you can collect PIG from all of our PiggyCoin initiatives, store them for safe keeping until you need to make that first PIG purchase [OINK!] and Send Receive PIG from your friends and Family [Maybe you’ve done a good chore? “10PIG please mum!”] Ideal for those kids that can’t run their own QT PiggyBanks [cos dad won’t let me install it on his computer, where he always clears out the web History! go figure?] now you can have your own e-PiggyBank, and never have to worry about installing a single thing – Just don’t forget your password! Oink!
So make sure you go ahead and create your online e-PiggyBank account now! Theres no waiting as these PIG’s will FLY! OINK OINK!

Don’t forget we’ll be doing this all again tomorrow at the same time for another PiggyWeek Announcement – What will it be? Oink OINK OINK!!
Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, IRC and BitcoinTalk.

Disclaimer – we’re still on v1.0 – We’ll be fixing and updating nonstop – if you find a bug or issue, let us know and we’ll add it to our Bug Tracker – Also note, we’re expecting lots of little Piggies rush to sign up – so if it’s slow, please be patient.

PiggyCoin Dev Team