Welcome Parents

Piggycoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that is committed to providing your children with the opportunity to learn about the emerging world of digital currency, in the most entertaining and enjoyable way possible! Children love to learn about new things, but only when they are taught with a fun-filled agenda, and that is something we can guarantee!

Piggycoin is a great opportunity to get your children interested in learning about the value of currency from a young age: and what’s more, they can get started with their own PiggyBank in minutes.

Play Games

Your kid can start winning his piggies by playing one of  our awesome educative games!

Give your kids some piggies!

Doing chores, studying and doing homework? Reward your kids with some piggies. They’ll love it! Vouchers presently unavailable.

Buy fun stuff with Piggy

Have a lot of piggies and don’t know what to do with them? Help your kid spending them on one of the official stores!

Piggy Coin Features

As a PiggyBoy or PiggyGirl, or more likely a PiggyParent, you’re probably  wondering what the features of Piggycoin are. Well, for one, you’ve probably heard of the King Piggy called Bitcoin. Rather than competing with King Piggy, we set out to provide a more domestic cryptocurrency – a family-friendly, and undoubtedly  cooler partner to Bitcoin.

Super Fast

Piggycoin is ~10x faster than Bitcoin.  You can send and receive coins in a matter of minutes!

Global network

Receive piggycoins from your friends, and send them anywhere in the world.


It’s fun to send and receive coins, and there are 500 million of them. Oink!


We combine fun with learning over here in Piggycoin, so our PiggyTeach initiative will ensure you gain knowledge whilst gaining coins – it’s a win-win, oink-oink situation!

Piggy Teach

Being a cryptocurrency primarily for children, we wanted them to get something out of it that was more than just entertainment. And so, PiggyTeach sets out to bring your child an abundance of knowledge as they develop with the coin:


  • The fact that Piggycoin is a real, working cryptocurrency also means that it can be traded. Money is integral to our society, so a lot can be learnt by getting involved in the future of currency. Your child will learn the value of money, just as you were taught when you were growing up.

  • Piggycoin has set up educative faucets for the currency. A faucet allows people to receive free coins, but we spun this idea on its head and made it a little more interesting. To earn their free Piggycoins, your children will have to answer a question before they can send their coins to their PiggyBank. Simple, but very fun and very effective.

  • We are working on incorporating more and more educative techniques into the Piggycoin world, such as lessons, games and blogs – all in the name of educating every PiggyPal to the best of our ability.


Our Beliefs

"We pride ourselves on offering families, and more importantly, children, with an opportunity to learn and develop in a fun and simple environment."

− Piggy Coin Team




Creativity and community spirit are rewarded. We love to see people getting involved and putting their ideas forward.


Willingness to learn and educate yourself is a prized trait amongst the Piggy community. If you enjoy discovering new things, then you’ll love your experience with Piggycoin.


Inequality and prejudice are shunned. PiggyPals stick together – We do not tolerate any kind of Piggy discrimination.

For the Tech-Savvy Parents

Mining Pools

Multipool (Presently Unavailable)