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POSWallet.com delisting

Posted by | 2017-05-28 | News | 2 Comments

The majority of coins are being delisted from PoSWallet, both the exchange and the staking wallet. They are apparently changing to focus on fewer coins, though will re-add some delisted coins back later.

PiggyCoin is being delisted on 6th June. Please withdraw your coins from there immediately, to another exchange such as Cryptopia, or to your personal PiggyBank.


  • I learned, recently about Piggy Coin, reviewed the page and news, noting its delisting. I am researching educational initiatives related to crypto currencies and would like to know about any activities since the delisting and/or plans related to the page from here forward. I think that the coin seemed like an excellent idea, and I would like to know more.

    • mogreen says:

      POSWallet was not a major exchange for PiggyCoin, though with the closure of NovaExchange its loss seems more significant.

      Unfortunately I (Mo) am moving countries and don’t have much time for PiggyCoin for the next few months. We do need to form a larger PiggyTeam though, so please e-mail us and come to the #piggy freenode chatroom if you want to help revitalise this coin.

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