Neurocis – Developer

Neurocis is a professional software engineer who is PiggyCoin’s main developer nowadays.  He also runs the #AMillionReasons program on Khan Academy.  He’s from Canada and likes to think big.


Mo – Evangelist

Mo is from the UK and does PR for the coin.  He claims to be a real pig but nobody’s ever met him to check.


João – Founder

João is the original ‘piggydev’: Piggycoin’s founder and developer, but nowadays he’s busy at university.  He’s from Portugal.


Defunct team members


Paul – Secretary General

Paul is a musician, producer and businessman, he has worked as a songwriter for various artists including Kylie Minouge.

Starting out his first business at the age of 19, he has worked on various successful projects and startups. Forward thinking, good leadership and organisational skills along with a natural understanding of crypto markets make him a valued member of the piggy team. He has a strong belief in the piggy coin concept and is dedicated to help piggycoin succeed.


Nik – Creative Mind (Writing)

Nik is an English Literature student with a creative mind and a love for imaginative writing. He has been a freelance content writer for a couple of years, and a strong believer in the concept of Piggycoin. Nik’s also been studying and learning about cryptocurrencies for the best part of six months, and is an active trader in the altcoin market.


Vyker – Evangelist and Advisor

Vyker was an early adopter of the PiggyCoin project and had been part of the community since launch. Vyker brings with him 15yrs of experience in the Technology sector working for large global enterprises and bluechip leaders. Currently employed as an Architect for a large Cloud company, Vyker hopes to bring his skill sets of Project Management, Stakeholder Management and many more to help the PiggyCoin project succeed. Evangelising the concepts with investors and stakeholders, and providing Advisory Services to the founding members.